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Job Description
Title:               Office Manager
Reports To:    President & CEO
The Office Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization of over 440 businesses.  The Edmonds Chamber exists to promote the economic vitality of Edmonds through advocacy, leadership, education and community-building events.  Office Manager reports to and works in partnership with the President & CEO and is responsible for managing the organization's bookkeeping and membership/events database; also for developing agendas and some social media. The position is a full-time, exempt position. Salary range is $40,000 to $50,000 depending on qualifications and experience.  Medical, dental and 401K benefits included.
  1. Excellent knowledge of bookkeeping, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and budgeting. (Quickbooks proficient)
  2. Manage and update the schedule of Chamber events in online, digital and physical calendar platforms, in order to inform the public about upcoming opportunities.(ChamberMaster, Facebook, Office365 calendar)
  3. Plan, organize and directs the Chamber’s community-building events.  Oversee event planning, assign committee and volunteer duties, review schedules and ensure all activities are on schedule and budget. (Clam Chowder, An Edmonds Kind of 4th, Taste Edmonds, Car Show, Halloween, Tree Lighting)
  4. Prepare agendas and meeting notes for committees (Foundation)and events (Clam Chowder, An Edmonds Kind of 4th, Taste Edmonds, Car Show, Halloween, Tree Lighting).  Assist in drafting press releases and other external marketing communications.
  5. Maintain a collaborative working relationship with coworkers, members, Board members and volunteers.  
  6. Execute all responsibilities consistent with sound operations, authorized policies and procedures and Chamber bylaws, as directed by the President & CEO.
  7. Compile information on A/R and A/P activities to be presented to the President & CEO and the Board, in both written and verbal reports when requested.  Track and collect outstanding A/R through mail, phone and email communications with our members and customers.
  8. Maintain accurate records, communicate with coworkers and utilize both physical and digital record keeping systems to ensure information accuracy and redundancies.  Use of an internal server for digital file storage, physical files and our online resources/databases (ChamberMaster, Chamber email, Social Media)to share Chamber information. 
  9. Ensure that all events and membership activities stay on budget and work with the Community Engagement Manager, President & CEO and committees to reduce costs and increase sponsorships.
  10. Create and track contracts for all in-kind service agreements.  All in-kind services must be well documented with the value of the exchange, signed by both parties, approved by the President & CEO and properly entered into the accounting software.
  11. Assist in maintaining the Chamber social media presence with relevant content for our membership and overall mission.  Engage members, non-members and the public with Chamber news, content and events.
  12. Ability to handle and prioritize conflicting complex demands.
  13. Oversee and manage technologies and office supply needs of the Chamber and the Log Cabin Visitor’s Information Center.    
  14. Serve as a liaison with members, sponsors, volunteers and community partners who contact the Chamber by phone, email or in person and be flexible to also meet the demands of the office and President & CEO.
  15. Be professional, diplomatic, flexible and committed to accuracy and customer service. 
  16. Ability to exercise independent judgment; work under pressure with constant deadlines and multiple priorities; and to coordinate projects in a complex organizational structure while performing optimally and maintaining both quality and quantity of work. 
  17. Promote teamwork and professionalism with the ability to manage in some areas while serving as an assistant in others. Ability to be supportive, patient and teach when someone needs assistance. 
  18. Serve as the Committee Chair for all Chamber community-building events, when a volunteer Committee Chair is not available. Function as the liaison between the Chamber and committee to ensure proper planning and timely execution of all event details, to ensure a successful event for the Chamber.
  19. Must have strong time management skills with the ability to set your own priorities and fulfill all obligations of the office, volunteers, vendors and membership.
  1. Ability to take on new responsibilities as directed by the President & CEO. 
Preferred Qualifications and Characteristics:
  1. Minimum of three (3) years' experience working in a nonprofit or office manager position, including overseeing operations, accounting, marketing and social media.
  2. Academic degree and/or experience in small business, accounting or community development.
  3. Working knowledge of nonprofit organizations or membership based associations.
  4. Demonstrated ability in written and oral communication, and interpersonal relations.
  5. Ability to work independently, to plan, organize and delegate.
  6. Experience in sales, collections, fundraising, budgeting and membership development a plus.
  7. Business and accounting savvy and high level of energy.
  8. Technical ability with CMS software, Microsoft products, Mac & PC, social media etc…
  9. Significant lifting and carrying (office supplies) must be able to lift approximately 40 lbs.
  10. Valid drivers license with a licensed and operable vehicle.
  11. Working knowledge of the Edmonds business community and lifestyle is preferred but not required.
Application Requirements:
Email a cover letter, one page resume and answers to the following questions:
(applications without these requirements will not be accepted)
  1. Describe your experience in collecting outstanding debts from customers.  What were the steps and methods you implemented in order to receive payment and maintain the relationship with the client?  Provide details on challenges, methods, unique techniques and other insights into your collections style and experience.
  2. Describe your handling of a tense situation involving multiple, interested parties.  How did you approach this situation to ensure all parties were heard and ultimately satisfied with the outcome?
  3. What is your experience with Edmonds, Washington? Describe any involvement in the community as a resident, business owner/employee or a visitor and how that will help you in your new role as the Office Manager.  If you have no direct experiences in Edmonds, please describe what you do know about the Edmonds community.
Send your full application (in Word or PDF format) with references to: greg@edmondswa.com subject line: “Office Manager”.  Early review of resumes will begin October 1st, all resumes received before September 30th (10pm) will receive priority review.  Initial interviews are conducted by phone and secondary interviews in person.  Email only, no phone calls, mail or drop-ins will be accepted.
“This description is intended to provide an overview of the responsibilities and duties of the position.  It is not all-inclusive.  The incumbent may be required to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this position description commensurate with the needs of the organization.  Responsibilities may change over time.  This position description is provided for information purposes only and does not form the basis of a contract.  The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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